Introductory tenancy

An introductory tenancy is for a trial period of one year before you become a secure tenant. Introductory tenants have fewer rights than secure tenants and their tenancies can be ended more easily if they break their tenancy conditions.
The council can extend an introductory tenancy for another 6 months if we think it is necessary. This means an introductory tenancy can last for 18 months.

Our tenancy conditions say that tenants must:

  • Have consideration for those living around them
  • pay their rent on time
  • look after their home
  • keep to their other tenancy condition

It is important that tenants keep to their tenancy conditions and that introductory tenancies help get this message across  and take swift action to end tenancies when tenancy conditions are broken.

How do you get a secure tenancy ?

your introductory tenancy will automatically become a secure tenancy on the anniversary of the date it began unless the council has started legal action to end your tenancy or unless we have extended it.

What is the difference in the rights of secure tenants and introductory tenants ?

Secure tenants also have to keep to the tenancy conditions but they have more security and more rights. If the council wants to repossess a secure tenancy, it must prove a legal ground for possession and in most cases show  that it is reasonable to repossess the property. To repossess an introductory tenancy, the council only needs to show that it has followed the correct procedure.
secure tenants have the right to exchange homes, the right to improve their home, the right to buy their home after 5 years. Introductory tenants do not have these statutory rights, but in our tenancy condition.

What is a Secure Tenant ?

By law, secure tenants have the right to stay in a property provided if they keep the tenancy conditions. We cannot remove a secure tenant from a property unless a court grants an ” order possession”