Pacca news Letter

1-We are local.

We are friendly and always helpful.

We are close to all local amenities and transport networks in the area

2-Traffic/Parking – Campaigns.

We campaigned for 5 Zebra crossings in the area.

Saved residents ‘Millions’ in parking permit costs and fines.

Enabled success in the Campaign to re-open Calais Street and Padifield Road.

3-Environment – Greened up the area.

Got trees planted on Patmos Road and Tindal Street and an Orchard along Lothian Road

Brought seating to Patmos & Lothian Road

Targeted rubbish removal and estate clearance

4-Refurbishment/New Homes – Campaign & Stock Transfer

Turned around derelict properties creating new homes for families

Replaced Boilers, Kitchens & Bathrooms for families at a cost of hundreds of thousands

Choice of fixtures, fittings & flexibility on repairs & appointment times

5- Employment/Education/Training

Supported & Trained local people for locally created employment. Piloted the Employability Plus programme

Run IT Classes and others

Regularly sent residents on training courses and resident’s conferences

6-Fun & Representation

Open membership policy & a rep. for every street

Funded the first Street Party in over 30 years. Street furniture by PACCA in South London Parks.

Themed events, Trips abroad and outings

Celebration for our first ‘100’ year old resident in 2016

Christmas Lunch and festivities provided free every year for all the Community

7-Health & Well being

Brought a local Pharmacy to your doorstep. Free medical checks and health advice – open 7 days a week

Run Foodshare & Essential products distribution scheme with local supermarkets.

8-The Future -Your housing, Your area

Bringing free Wi-Fi to the local area

Negotiated bringing cheaper Gas and Electric to the area to reduce bills

Walk in service Welfare, Housing, & Legal Advice

Right to Transfer (only PACCA holds). New Kitchens, Bathrooms, & Boilers

With the Right to Transfer PACCA has secured ‘Millions’ for your home and your future

9-We offer Community Worship facilities, Office Space, and Party Space

We have kitchen facilities

We have internet and Wi-fi facilities available

We have photocopying and other office amenities available to start-up business’

10 -We offer Before and After Ofsted registered playscheme and pick u morning and afternoon from local schools

We have an Ofsted registered playscheme with before and after school facilities

The playscheme runs during school holidays

The playscheme runs a regular Art Workshop Scheme with ‘South Island Workshop’