About us

You see things and say I dream things that never were and I say ;why not” ( George Bernard Shaw)
The Patmos Area Community Conservation Association (PACCA) was initially established in 1999 as a residents’ association in Vassall Ward/Lambeth.

In 2009 PACCA became a Tenant Management Organisation (TMO). Since, we provide services and facilities to our 500 tenants and freeholders…PACCA is committed for providing a safe and friendly environment to all our residents.
We facilitate consultation on regeneration, local developments and improvements in our community. We offer training in housing maintenance, plumbing, electrical and gas work and even IT. We have taken successful action against ASBO, such as dog fouling of open public spaces.

Our office and hall are based on Lothian Road, Our activities include the Children’s Project, the Elderly Project, the Food Project, Capacity Building, Consultation and Training initiatives.
We work with a close network of community groups as well as local and central government to deliver the best results for our residents.
We also offer internships refurbishment and renovation services through Vassall Vision, our Not-For-Profit Social Enterprise trading company.
For more information on residents’ services and advice, the PACCA Hall, our support projects, news and how to get involved, please read through this website or contact the PACCA service centre on 020 79267740

PACCA’s Vision
We work with residents, Lambeth Living, the Council, the local strategic partners, contractors, and clients to improve the quality of life in our neighbourhoods through:
Developing the capacity and skills of members of the community of Vassall Ward; improving of the physical, social and economic infrastructure within the area promoting urban regeneration for the public benefit.