A4A is greening the neighbourhood

A4A stands for Acre 4 Acre an exciting new neighbourhood project that wants to reclaim the acre of green space that will disappear when the woodlands are removed from Hammelton Green on Patmos Road and a new health centre is built.

A4A have toured the neighbourhood searching for and plotting every spare bit of greenable space, from communal containers to street plots to find that acre.

A4A wants to plant trees, shrubs, and flowers in the neglected entrances to your homes, create an urban forest, make a new community garden next to the PACCA office, and thats just for starters. A magnificent gateway to identify the entrance to the neighbourhood will be created, and food growing plots for new community allotments.

A4A have already planted apple and pear trees on Lothian Road that will become part of a new urban orchard being created around the PACCA neighbourhood. PACCA TMO Director says:

“Pacca is all about community cohesion and delivering services to local people. The A4A project works on all levels with different members of the community to deliver a better community and better services.”

Now it’s over to You!

A4A wants to hear what you think about our plans. What green improvements would you like to see in the PACCA neighbourhood? What plants would you like to see? Would you like to grow your own vegetables or create a herb garden? Or perhaps you would be interested in joining the A4A gardening club.

A4A wants all young artists, photographers, video makers and creative thinkers to help us spread the word and document the green transformation in as many exciting ways as possible.

If you want to know more look out for the A4A team around the neighbourhood and come and say hello or call 020 7926 7740 for more